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pet_my_egg's Journal

The Association of Dragon Egg&Hatchling Upbringing
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We help bring your dragon Eggs to life and your hatchlings mature!
This community is made with the purpose of helping everyone hatch their dragon eggs and mature their hatchlings :) It's a pain when your dragon dies, especialy when it was this close to maturing! So, we want to prevent such things from happening! Here you can come and post your eggs and hatchlings, and begg ask for some clicky love! ^____^ Only rule is that you have to join, and click others eggs! Please take the time to go back the list and click as much of the other eggs/hatchlings as you can! Posts with matured dragons will be delayed to not clutter the community :)

If you want to adopt an egg of your own, you can do it here: http://dragcave.net/

Oh, and please spread the love, and tell you flist about the community, so more people will come and join it! :D

Have fun, and good luck raising those dragons! :)